Treetop and time travel trail wins Brandenburg tourism prize

Prize winner: the Treetop and Time Travel Trail Beelitz-Heilstätten

Georg Hoffmann was certain that the Treetop and Time Travel Trail Beelitz-Heilstätten would beat out the 29 other competitors for the 2017 Brandenburg Tourism Prize. A jury of 15 tourism experts agreed, concluding that Hoffmann and the other investors – among them, the Vollack Gruppe – had successfully managed to provide tourists with an experience of more than 100 eventful years of history in Brandenburg’s largest heritage site, “all while preserving the location’s unique atmosphere.” The prize was awarded at the ITB international travel trade show at the Brandenburg state offices in Berlin.

The attraction’s operators see the prize as further confirmation of their idea and of the public resonance they’ve seen thus far from the roughly 220,000 visitors since the site’s opening. The current walkway winds along 320 meters of treetops -over 65 species of trees are represented – at a height of 23 meters. An elevator and stairs lead visitors up a 40-meter-tall steel tower to an observation deck 36 meters above the ground. The structure’s modern, steel architecture was designed and integrated with the utmost care to preserve the existing forest in the area’s natural, growing environment. Together with the  treetop trail located in the Hainich National Park near Bad Langensalza in Thuringia, the attraction in Brandenburg is further proof of Vollack’s steel construction expertise on the field of elevated structures.

Investor and operator Georg Hoffmann says that in coming years the steel-beam-supported boardwalk will be extended to a full kilometer to provide visitors with a bird’s eye view of the area’s historic buildings, much like the aerial view currently offered of the site’s alpine house – now in ruins – and its roof overgrown with birch and shrubs.