Bäckerei Konditorei Wahl

Project: The second-generation-run Bäckerei Konditorei Wahl is an award-winning establishment with a rich tradition and roots in a municipality located to the southeast of Berlin. The bakery’s original location in Bestensee looks after more than 32 separate branches, as well as its own cafe with fresh baked goods. Vollack is carrying out a multi-phase conversion of the company’s headquarters, adding 1,500 square meters in multiple construction sections, including office spaces, communal areas, a pastry shop, and a new bake-house with a modern logistics facility. The conversion will need to be implemented while the bakery continues active business operations, posing a significant challenge to the project.
Services: Conception design, planning, construction
Location: Bestensee (Germany)
Completion: Planned for the end of 2018