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Atlas Copco

Transparent, innovative, excellent.

The new building and expansion of the innovation and training center for Atlas Copco in Bretten encompasses over 4,000 square meters. The main architectural idea behind the design aimed to expand and perfect the rounded form of the existing office structure. The transparent building envelope on the ground floor offers views from outside in and vice versa. Various joining technologies are developed and tested for the automotive industry and general industrial uses at the innovation center: Bonding and dosing, punch riveting, classic screwing and flow drilling screws. In addition to offering eight training rooms with five robot workstations, the training and education center of Atlas Copco covering 500 square meters also offers flexibly usable offices.

Olaf Leonhardt, CEO at Atlas Copco, a leading global specialist for innovative joining technologies

“The location in Bretten is now the central contact point for innovation and excellence for joining in the company. It allows us to stay a step ahead of the competition with our own innovations.”

TZW: DVGW Water Technology Center

Water technology meets architecture.

With five levels and a total area of 2,500 square meters, the new TZW Water Campus is located right next to the existing building. The expansion of the company headquarters offers a modern and open working environment in an innovative building for those working in technology development and molecular biology in particular. Functional areas for technical labs and experiment rooms as well as offices and side rooms are reflected architecturally in the layout as well as the exterior design. Various materials and a changing structure serve as physical manifestations of the various functions on the facade as well.

Dr. Josef Klinger, CEO at TZW: DVGW Water Technology Center, which is dedicated to investigating the technical and scientific issues surrounding water. Photo: diplom designer – fotografie anne-sophie stolz

“With the architectural addition to the TZW Water Campus, we are laying the foundation for driving future development of innovative technologies in water treatment.”

Stadtwerke Karlsruhe

Entering a brand new world with energy and high performance.

The request: To sustainably enhance the building’s performance and create a modern, customer- and needs-oriented working environment. The renovation of the main building for Stadtwerke Karlsruhe was able to accomplish just that. Originally built in the 1970s, the 15,000 square meter administrative building now houses around 530 innovative modern workstations with a new customer reception area, meeting room, and company restaurant. Various smaller projects came together to form a successful whole. The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) was involved in developing these high-performance working environments and Change Management got employees involved in the processes at an early stage. The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) awarded the building with a gold certificate.

Michael Homann, chairman of the business management for the Stadtwerke Karlsruhe, the energy partner in Karlsruhe and the region for power, natural gas, long-distance heating, drinking water, and services.

“As the project manager, Vollack defined strategic goals with us and made the plans reality. Today we are working in an innovative modern building that was renovated on time, on budget, and at top quality.”

Fresenius Kabi

State-of-the-art workspaces in the health industry.

With the expansion of the production facility for the manufacture of medical single-use items in Thuringian Mihla, the location of Fresenius Kabi Germany changed dramatically: Components that had, until now, been purchased can now be manufactured in-house in a 1,200 square meter production hall with cleanrooms. The components are then delivered to the global production network and further processed to create finished products. Another 1,800 square meters of storage space increased the warehouse capacity to 2,000 palette storage spaces. Five loading ramps and one new social area for the employees completed the renovations.

Thomas Rübsam, plant manager Mihla at Fresenius Kabi, the leading provider in the areas of nutrition, infusions, medications, and medical products

“We can now offer our employees the most modern workspaces in production. In Vollack we found a regional partner who accompanied us during all the phases of the project as a skilled partner to help us achieve this goal.”


Inspiring working environments.

The new ultra modern building of software specialist itdesign combines the three former locations into one. A radiant white building with meandering window lines, offset level, and the red color accents in the company’s color, the building integrates harmoniously into its surroundings. The rooms in the seven-level company headquarters are designed for 150 people and offer the successful IT specialist enough space for growth in an inspiring working environment even into the future. Considered on equal footing with the optimal use of space was the topic of energy efficiency. The local heating plant of the Tübingen Stadtwerke offers a sustainable supply of energy for the building. Furthermore, the construction was also built as a so-called KfW-Effizienzhaus-55 energy building.

Dr. Jörg Leute and Johannes Koppenhöfer (left to right), CEO at itdesign, the company specializing in the development and management of software solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) and project portfolio management (PPM)

“We are enjoying working together in this very open building with flexibly utilizable rooms. The planners at Vollack met all of our expectations and were able not only to create the desired additional space capacity, but were also able to create an innovative overall working environment that will serve us well far into the future.”


Berlin gets a new landmark.

Enjoy a view of the International Garden Exhibition IGA grounds in Berlin from 25 meters up – from the spectacular view platform Wolkenhain. Design planning, production, and assembly by Vollack Hallen- und Stahlbau have yielded a polygon-shaped space framework whose posts are connected with 170 steel nodes. The space partition is a translucent membrane.

Formally speaking, the viewing platform is reminiscent of a cloud that appears to be floating over the Kienberg in Marzahn-Hellersdorf.. At night when it’s lit up, the building hosts a unique play of color. The platform can be accessed via a set of stairs and a barrier-free elevator. The Wolkenhain ensemble includes visitor service with a panorama cafe. It will also be remaining as a permanent part of the Kienberg park after the garden exhibition. Based on a design by Kolb Ripke Architekten, the project was initiated by Grün Berlin GmbH.

Ole Hartmann, project manager of Grün Berlin GmbH for the IGA 2017

“The Wolkenhain is a true example of artistic engineering. Constructing a building without any corners or repetitions was a big challenge.”

Tetra Pak

Flexible working environments that foster creativity.

The new Tetra Pak working environment features an open interior design that allows for direct and efficient communication while also providing the flexibility needed to adjust to changes in work flows and processes. The cube-shaped, two-story building and its green inner courtyard cover 4,000 square meters. The office spaces can be individually arranged for a variety of functions, whether as open-space work environments, combi-offices, or cubicles, and can accommodate a total of 150 work stations. The building also boasts a range of spaces for meetings, a spacious cafeteria, and a modern conference area, all of which contribute to the opportunities for improved communication and optimized workflows the new structure provides. Last but not least, the new facility also features reserve capacity for future growth — a promising peek into the years to come.

Stephan Karl, Managing Director of Tetra Pak, the world’s leading manufacturer of food packaging and processing systems

Stephan Karl, Managing Director of Tetra Pak, the world’s leading manufacturer of food packaging and processing systems

“Vollack helped us asses our current needs and processes and was able to design and plan a facility for us which will also accommodate our future organizational structures and working methods.”

Pier Satellite

A flagship for aviation in Germany.

With the addition of its new Terminal 2 satellite expansion, Munich airport can now accommodate an additional 11 million passengers per year. The new rod-shaped terminal expansion, which is connected to the existing terminal by means of an underground transport system, features three added passenger levels and a total of more than 52 gates. The addition of 27 aircraft parking spaces located directly next to the terminal expansion more than doubles the number of spaces close to gates serviced by Terminal 2. Designed to be a transfer terminal, the new satellite features passport and security control areas. Vollack’s hall and steel construction unit was tasked with constructing the satellite’s roughly 1,000-meter-long climate facade and central roof. The services provided by Vollack included the static analysis, construction, manufacture, and assembly of roughly 2,500 tons of steel.

“The project’s tight schedule, complex construction conditions, and very high technical and aesthetic demands were no problem for Vollack.”
Werner Bär, Senior Project Manager at HOCHTIEF Infrastructure, the partner of choice for complex projects in the private and public sectors

Eurofins Umwelt Ost

A high-tech location for high-tech analysis.

Eurofins Umwelt Ost’s new environmental analysis laboratory in Freiberg boasts a total floor space of 2,500 square meters. More than 50 percent of this space is dedicated to labs outfitted with powerful, modern measuring technology, providing the company’s 120 employees with the means to offer both routine and special analysis services in the future. And with the addition of a two-story office building and a warehouse for retention samples at the company’s former location in Jena, there is now room available to expand services in the areas of microbiology, ecotoxicology and agricultural analysis.

Axel Ulbricht, Managing Director of Eurofins Umwelt Ost, the Eurofins Group specialist in environmental analysis

“Our new laboratory puts outstanding and powerful new analysis opportunities right at our fingertips.”


Creative spaces.

The warehouse management specialists at Dr. Thomas + Partner have a brand new passive house campus facility to their name. An extraordinarily energetic structure, the new TUP campus houses a modern working environment. For the first time, Vollack installed a seasonal latent heat storage system, an intelligent storage medium that utilizes ice to provide heating and cooling and makes the building nearly energy self-sufficient. The campus’s design has made it a reference project for passive construction, drawing experts from around the world. The facility’s 3,600 square meters of usable space feature exposed concrete walls with seamlessly integrated wooden windows and green acoustic module accents. The campus’s individual offices are split into functional cubical areas for archiving, engineering, and service-related activities, and the cafeteria at the heart of the building provides a welcoming space for employees to come together.

Simon and Mathias Thomas, Managing Directors of the software manufacturer

Simon and Mathias Thomas, Managing Directors of the software manufacturer

“This building isn’t simply an office complex, it’s a creative domain – and it will be for future generations as well.”