Concept design, Planning, Building and Revitalization.

According to the Vollack method, we develop, plan, build and revitalize individually customized office, industry and healthcare facilities. The first step is to take a look at the corporate strategy. Realize growth plans. Increase added value. Optimize office and production processes. Inspire and attract employees. Seize opportunities for innovative technologies. Laying the the right foundation for market-leading products. It is good to have a sparring partner with experience considering buildings as booster accelerator for success.

NULL® phase.

  • Identifying the requirements of the principals
  • Structural survey of the building stock
  • Exploring potential
  • Preparing the requirements profile based on the client´s future strategy,
    the ongoing work processes, local conditions and budget guidelines
  • Defining tasks

PRO phase.

  • Examining alternative building options
  • Identifying potential for optimizing business processes
  • Developing the ideal layout – concept details, execution and quality
  • Defining the optimal overall concept within the triad of architecture, technology and processes
  • Specifying the building configuration, in particular the technical building systems
  • Optaining development rights

Build phase.

  • Start of construction
  • Realization as a new building, extension or refurbishment
  • Construction control: monitoring quality, time schedule and cost
  • Coordinating the overall project from the start of construction to completion
  • Approvals
  • Handover

PLUS phase.

  • Accompanying the move to the new work environment
  • Adjusting the building technology
  • Quality check: preventative checks of the building stock
  • Taking value-maintaining measures
  • Performing adjustments during ongoing operation