Diakonie Pfingstweid

Project: Site development/master planning from 2020 to 2030: on the grounds of the Diakonie Pfingstweid, with an area of around 316,000 square meters, the current building development for people with disabilities is able to embark on a dignified and needs-based future with “inclusion” as the watchword. The following will be completed in three construction phases: alterations to existing buildings including the administration building, the construction of new residential groups, linking up the site with the neighboring residential area, and a traffic-calmed connection to the community. There are also plans for buildings for people without disabilities, such as relatives or staff, and for later use of the relocated sports area by all members of the Tettnang community.
Services: Master planning, general planning
Location: Tettnang (Germany)
Completion: Planned in three construction phases between 2020 and 2030