General planning, Workplace planning, Project Management

Vollack solves demanding construction tasks that are challenging in terms of architecture and energy. This often involves the need to communicate the customer’s brand consistently in the company´s appearance and the corporate architecture. Architects and engineers from various disciplines create a unique result in terms of workplace quality, energy efficiency and architecture.

General planning.

For our customers, we are the responsible partner for the complete architectural and engineering performance relating to the planning and execution of the construction work:

  • Design-to-cost: aligning the planning services with the agreed budget targets
  • Developing innovative, cost-effective solutions as a sparring partner for the customer
  • Bundling the skills and synergy effects of our experienced team to reduce interfaces in the project
  • Linking general planning knowledge and project management skills
    to ensure compliance in terms of costs and deadlines
  • Advising in sustainability issues and providing active support in the process of
    building certification

Workplace planning.

In a close exchange with our customers, we design identity-defining office work environments for them to increase employee satisfaction, performance, motivation and work efficiency:

  • Developing the optimal future space and structure management
    together with the customer
  • Tapping existing potential and resources in property stock through
    feasibility studies and analysts potential
  • Making a brand message come alive for our customers and visualizing
    the corporate culture as a invigoration of employer branding
  • Supporting, moderation and evaluation of the change process to create with the new office environment a maximum of effectiveness

Project management.

With know-how and long-standing expertise, we see ourselves as “enablers” of our customers’ objectives:

  • Structuring task complexity by taking a holistic approach
    ensures that project processes are efficient
  • Complementing project management skills with experience of general planning
    for maximum quality assurance
  • Identifying sub-projects and integrating them into the overall process
  • Providing active support to customers during the adjustment following the completion of the project to ensure energy efficiency and user satisfaction