General planning, Workplace planning, Project Management

General Planning.

For our clients we are the expert partner for all architectural and engineering services for construction planning and implementation:

  • Design-to-cost: Alignment of planning services with the agreed budget targets
  • Developing innovative and economical solutions as a sparring partner for clients
  • Bundling of expertise and synergistic effects to reduce interfaces
  • Linking general planning knowledge with project management expertise to ensure costs
    compliance and meet deadlines
  • Advising in sustainability issues and providing active support in the building certification process

Workplace Planning.

In close cooperation with our clients, we design working environments that provide them with a sense of identity in order to increase employee satisfaction, performance, motivation and work efficiency:

  • Developing the optimal future space and structure management
  • Increase current potential and resources in existing properties through the use of
    feasibility studies and potential analyses
  • Making our client’s brand message come alive and visualize
    the corporate culture as a way to strengthen employer branding
  • Accompany, moderate and evaluate the change process to ensure the maximum
    effectiveness of the new office space

Project Management.

With our know-how and expertise, as well as many years of experience, we see ourselves as “enablers” of our clients’ goals:

  • Structuring the complexity of tasks through a holistic approach
    ensures efficient project processes
  • Combining project management expertise with general planning experience
    for maximum quality assurance
  • Identifying sub-projects and integrating them into the overall process
  • Active support during the adjustment phase to ensure energy efficiency and user satisfaction