Haus am Park

Project: Senior and nursing home  “Haus am Park” or “House at the Park” will soon allow residents to live in a community while also maintaining a comfortable private environment. The approximately 5,000 square-meter new building will replace the existing structure and meet the requirements of the North Rhine-Westphalia Residence and Participation Act (WTG) for a better quality of life. The comfortably appointed rooms allow every resident to express their individuality. At the same time, the concept built around community living allows for the arrangement of space according to living groups, with a kitchen and living room for each group. Modern therapy rooms, a multi-purpose room for larger events, a sensory garden, and a shared park connecting the new building with the remaining structures of the so-called Haus Herderstraße complete the ensemble.
Services: Conception design, planning, construction
Location: Remscheid (Germany)
Completion: Planned for fall 2019