Transformation. Dynamism. Prospects.

Vollack is 30 years young and active at ten locations. For us that’s 30 good reasons to do something good. So we’re approaching the year with this motto. And it’s with this attitude that Vollack is taking on the artistic project “Karlsruhe Multiple” with the Zoo and the Majolika Manufaktur. Its intention is to connect nature and culture and express its connection with Karlsruhe.

Located in Ismaning near Munich the new Location Bavaria, affiliated to the Unit Vollack South, is opened, providing on-site support for customers from the south of Germany.

Vollack now also has a location in Hamburg and is thus expanding its presence in the region. With the development, planning, implementation and marketing of the Kreativpark project in Karlsruhe, the largest certified passive house office building in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Vollack is proving its technical expertise.

Anniversary. Vollack has been successful in the market for 25 years. Two new locations were added recently: Offenburg and Berlin/Brandenburg. Vollack is growing as an attractive employer in all key economic regions. The company has realigned itself for the future.

Generational change completed. Vollack’s two principal shareholders, Manfred Bähr and Hans Bretz, withdraw from operational business at the end of 2011. Under the leadership of Reinhard Blaurock, who has remained a managing director and shareholder since 2008, a partner model will be developed with the executives and the company will position itself for the future.

From the Rheinhafen in Karlsruhe to the northern town entrance. Vollack is seizing the opportunity to implement the philosophy of work environments at a communication and experience-based building as the new company headquarters. An accessible model for visitors is being constructed: the FORUM 1 building – developed, planned and implemented in accordance to the four-phase method.

Takeover by the principal shareholders Manfred Bähr and Hans Bretz. Vollack is characterized by positive transformation, further development and expansion. In the following years, the company grows to 300 employees and sales increase steadily. The Vollack Group becomes a national and international building strategist, a partner on equal terms for dynamic companies from a wide variety of industries.

1968 – 1988.
Gollnow & Sohn becomes Vollack Stahlhochbau. Engineer Rudolf Vollack from Stettin and his partner Heinrich Weick take over responsibility for the company and successfully continue activities on the fields of steel and bridge construction.

1946 – 1968.
A new start in steel construction at the Rheinhafen in Karlsruhe. The skills and technical performance of the steel constructors are soon in demand again in Germany and across the globe.

1833 – 1945.
A workshop is founded in Stettin. From this, the Gollnow Works emerge, specialising in bridge and steel structures and operating across Europe.