Design + Build: For individuality and investment security.

All the way back in the nineties we had already developed a consulting and planning tool that allowed us to ensure that projects are customer-specific, of high quality, on schedule and on budget right from the very start. As a pioneer, we were quickly able to apply findings from industrial production to the project business.


Vollack carries out strategic developmental, planning and construction processes in close cooperation with the client. With the methodological approach, Design + Build, which begins with the Vollack NULL® phase, we create sustainable and lively locations for efficient processes and successful businesses. The method is constantly being revitalized and draws upon the knowledge gained from a large number of projects.

In the Design+Build process, buildings are created for the client’s individual needs and workflow, and so are working solutions uniquely oriented toward the present and the future – in existing or new buildings. Planning and creation or revitalization are always transparent and available for our clients to see. After completion, we continue to support our clients’ buildings on request and thus ensure sustainable investments.

NULL® phase.

In the start phase, the Vollack NULL® phase, we measure and record data on the existing building, visualize its potential, and lay the foundations for an integrated building solution. Together with our clients, we work out the specific requirements based on current work processes, future strategies, local conditions and budget specifications. This is how client-specific concepts with high efficiency are created.