Four phases. For individuality and investment security

We developed a consulting and planning tool in the nineties that ensures projects are customized, of a high quality, and have reliable deadlines and costs, right from the start. As pioneers, we incorporated knowledge from industrial manufacturing into the project business at an early stage.

Workshop_eitel_800x600Vollack stands for strategic development, planning and construction processes in close collaboration with the customer. With our own methodological approach, in line with the four-phase method, we create dynamic domains for efficient processes and successful businesses. The method continuously updates itself and draws on the knowledge gained from more than a thousand projects that have been completed.

In the NULL®, PRO, CONSTRUCTION and PLUS phases, buildings are created based on the customer’s individual requirements and workflow, and unique work solutions for the present and the future are developed – in existing or new buildings. After completion, we continue to provide support for our customers’ buildings, if required, and thus ensure sustainable investments.

NULL® phase.

In the starting phase, the NULL® phase, we take stock of existing buildings, identify potential and lay the foundation for the building solution. We develop the specific requirements profile with the customer on the basis of ongoing work processes, the future strategy, local conditions and the allocated budget. This results in customized concepts with a high level of efficiency.

PRO phase.

During the PRO phase, we examine alternative building options, develop approaches that allow the customer’s business processes to be optimized, and define concept details. Potential for increasing efficiency is clarified in more detail. In this phase, checks are made to ensure compliance with building laws. In order to start the next phase, the BUILD phase, the execution and quality are specified in detail.

BUILD phase.

Based on the joint specifications in the PRO phase, Vollack carries out the building work and coordinates the entire project, through to completion and handover. We have many years of experience and implementation expertise from more than 1,000 projects and ensure quality, on-schedule delivery and compliance with estimated costs for new buildings, extensions and

PLUS phase.

Following completion, and at the customer’s request, Vollack performs a pre-emptive check of the condition of the building, takes measures to maintain the value and carries out adjustments. This ensures that buildings remain “mobile” and allows any new requirements to be mapped at any time.