software technologies AG

Project: In Karlsruhe, Vollack is building an advanced hybrid construction to house the new work habitat for, an IT service provider. The building is energy-optimized and is being built as a passive house. The new two- and partly three-story building with around 3,300 square meters gross area per floor will one day provide 110 workplaces. The corporate principle “Clean Code Development,” which drives AG’s sustainable software development, is reflected not only in the slogan but in the construction method as well. Here, as in the software development, the focus lies on sustainability. With its significant architecture in the form of a bar code, which reflects the signet in the logo, the building deliberately turns away from the orthogonal, creating a connection with the surrounding residential and commercial development as well as an adjacent sports field.
Services: Conception design, planning, construction
Location: Karlsruhe
Completion: Spring 2023