Agilent Technologies

High-tech World in a Transparent Pavilion.

The new customer and technology center of the high-tech company Agilent Technologies, which is headquartered in the USA, acts as a European customer demonstration and training center. Agilent is bundling the business areas of sales and customer training, development and marketing, industrial design and quality assurance, as well as repositioning the visitor reception and data centers. The pavilion-like, transparent cube with roof overhangs, balconies and a usable area of 16,200 square meters captivates visitors and workers alike with its massive sunroof inside the building, which is also the heart of the new building. With its modern architectural language and the materials used, the new building blends harmoniously into the existing buildings on the Agilent Campus.

Dr. Andreas Kistner, Managing Director of Agilent Technologies Germany, a leading global technology company in the fields of life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemistry.

“We have found an experienced partner in Vollack who, like us, looks beyond the horizon and plans and acts with a view to the future. The new building communicates our corporate philosophy internally and externally.”