Atlas Copco

Transparent, innovative, excellent.

The new building and expansion of the innovation and training center for Atlas Copco in Bretten encompasses over 4,000 square meters. The main architectural idea behind the design aimed to expand and perfect the rounded form of the existing office structure. The transparent building envelope on the ground floor offers views from outside in and vice versa. Various joining technologies are developed and tested for the automotive industry and general industrial uses at the innovation center: Bonding and dosing, punch riveting, classic screwing and flow drilling screws. In addition to offering eight training rooms with five robot workstations, the training and education center of Atlas Copco covering 500 square meters also offers flexibly usable offices.

Olaf Leonhardt, CEO at Atlas Copco, a leading global specialist for innovative joining technologies

“The location in Bretten is now the central contact point for innovation and excellence for joining in the company. It allows us to stay a step ahead of the competition with our own innovations.”