Stimulating Growth.

When AUTEC, a manufacturer of light alloy rims and complete wheels, decided in 2002 to relocate the company headquarters to Schifferstadt and to construct a new building with Vollack, a long-standing partnership between the two developed. A plan consisting of five construction phases implemented: an office building and a warehouse of around 4,500 square meters were initially constructed, followed shortly thereafter by three further halls, storage and order-picking areas for aluminium wheel in 2004, 2010 and 2013 respectively. Most recently a 4,600 square meter assembly hall for complete wheels and an almost 500 square meter intermediate building were constructed. The AUTEC buildings at their northern Palatinate location now cover about 20,000 square meters and the employees enjoy the working atmosphere in a growth-oriented company.

„Dr. Hans-Uwe Berger, Managing Director at AUTEC, the manufacturer of aluminium and complete wheels for the aftermarket of the automotive industry in Europe

“Our partnership with Vollack helped us see our plans become implemented with the construction of the first building, which was a milestone for the development of AUTEC. As we expand further, we are securing the location of our company in the long term and are also optimizing production processes.”