Beelitz treetop and time travel trail

Treetops and time.

The Beelitz treetop and time travel trail allows visitors to go for a walk through the crowns of trees
at a height of 20 meters above the ground and thus experience the special aura of historical ruins.   A 320-meter-long walkway made of steel has been built, together with an observation tower 40 meters high at a site to the south of Berlin, around the famous sanatorium for lung diseases and surrounded by what is almost like ancient forest. This has been achieved by a steel construction that has been ingeniously planned and implemented. The work was done within just six months, sensitively and without damaging the natural world. Visitors are offered a safe yet spectacular way of viewing nature and the heritage buildings. Planning for an extension is already underway.

Beate und Georg Hoffmann

Beate and Georg Hoffmann, project developers and investors in the only treetop and time travel trail in Germany

„The path, the tower, the nature and the historical structures have become a world of experience,” explains Beate Hoffmann. “It’s a magical place,” says Georg Hoffmann enthusiastically.