Project: On a gross floor area of around 16,000 square meters, a building ensemble is being constructed in Cologne-Ossendorf in which not only areas can be designed across the board. In the largest certified passive office building in North Rhine-Westphalia, future tenants will be able to think across levels because, if desired, all floors can also be generously connected to one another via the head building for larger units: Open Space and Open Levels. The building duo impresses with a timeless, restrained and thus always modern architectural language with high-quality, sustainable materials. For tenants, it offers the opportunity to think individually about their space, without being an investor themselves, and to receive a tailor-made solution. The two buildings are also trend-setting in terms of energy. They conserve resources and are energy-efficient. An underground parking garage and e-charging stations round off the offer.

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Services: Projektentwicklung, Planung, Bauausführung, Vermietung
Location: Cologne, Ossendorf
Completion: 2022