Cologne International School (IFK/CIS)

For the future use by the Internationale Friedensschule Köln / Cologne International School (IFK/CIS), Vollack as general planner is planning a new building in Cologne-Ossendorf, Butzweilerhof, on a plot of 19,000 square meters, which will combine several school types:

  • Bilingual primary school
  • Bilingual high school
  • International school

When you start something new, you wish for a little luck and success. However, the wishes that the IFK CIS students have expressed for their new school are very specific: During a workshop they developed their ideas for the “school of the future as a world of learning and living”. The student workshop was the prelude to the planning of the new international school campus.

12,900 square meters of gross floorspace will be created, with learning environments, an administrative area, a cafeteria, an auditorium and a sports hall. The new home for learning should be ready for the students to move into by summer 2022 at the latest. That is when the existing rental contracts expire. If the enthusiastic workshop participants have their way, the school of the future could be ready soon.