Everything is running according to the master plan.

Continuing the master plan for FUCHS LUBRITECH from 2007, which envisaged expansion steps for the site at an early stage, several buildings have already been planned and realized by Vollack on the approximately 96,000 square meter site. In the fourth construction phase, a central tank farm has now been added to the existing building. The building, with around 3,700 square meters, will support the extremely demanding production process in the future; it is closely linked to the existing building by a central supply corridor. With a height of up to 26 meters, it is a landmark visible from afar. The new building with complex plant engineering was planned and implemented using BIM (Building Information Modeling). The factory with a sustainable energy concept serves the manufacturer of chemical products as a prototype for similar projects. Previously, two production halls and a fully automated high-bay warehouse with 10,000 pallet spaces had already been realized, doubling the previous capacity. Thanks to the energy-saving oxygen reduction in the interior and the modern fire protection concept, numerous materials such as cardboard boxes and chemicals can be stored there together. Starting the cooperation with the master plan, Vollack had expanded the research and development laboratories; in addition modern working environments were created for the employees.

Matthias Pemsel, Plant Manager at FUCHS LUBRITECH, the specialists in the high-performance lubricants sector

“The expansion is a clear commitment to the Kaiserslautern location. We want to continue to produce at a high technical level here in the future and offer our employees attractive working environments.”