Jörg Wappler Werkzeugmaschinen

Spotlight on Coswig.

Wappler Werkzeugmaschinen’s new automation center takes in 1,400 square meters of production space as well as 1,400 square meters of office space over two floors. The centerpiece of the production hall is a 32-ton crane that can easily move even the heaviest individual parts of a machine tool. With its angled ground floor and the overhanging terrace on the upper floor, the office building develops a design all its own. Open work areas and central meeting zones furnished with ergonomic workstations, a kitchenette and telephone area as well as a sports room complement the space and, along with the sound-absorbing acoustic wall elements decorated with nature motifs, help keep employees healthy. A good indoor climate is ensured by geothermal energy for heating and cooling the building, as well as extensive ventilation technology in all office spaces. Around 10,000 square meters are also available for expansion plans.

Jörg Wappler, managing owner of the family-owned company, which operates nationally in the field of CNC-controlled machine tools and internationally in sales of automation solutions

“Our employees have been continuously involved in the decision-making process to build the new company headquarters. Our sights continue to be set on growth, and at this location we can implement that.”