Company Headquarters expanded in an Energy-efficient Manner.

With an office space of 4,500 square meters, the new building wing has almost doubled the size of ProLeiT. With its ultra-modern office space, ProLeiT is taking into account their constant growth, while simultaneously creating the optimum basis for new innovative ideas and services. ProLeiT had already anticipated the expansion 20 years ago when the first building was designed, planned and realized together with Vollack. The elongated, four-storey new building with a parking deck in the basement offers space for more than 200 employees and is built according to the KfW55 Standard. A bridge connects the new building with the existing building, which was revitalized during the construction of the new building.

Left to right: Wolfgang Ebster, CEO / CFO, and Manfred Czepl, COO Sales, the founders of ProLeiT, the global supplier of process control systems and automation technology for the process engineering industry.

“With the expansion of our headquarters, it is clear that we have done a good job over the past 30 years. We are proud to be able to look to the future together with our employees and to further build on our success in the new building.”