Custom made architecture for efficient workflows.

SCHÖLLY’s new expansion provides the company with ample space to manufacture and bring to market its range of qualitatively and technologically superior products. With 11 locations in 8 countries, the group has established itself as one of the world’s leading producers of medical visualization systems. Construction of the new plant IV, with an area of roughly 3,650 square meters, and the integration of additional office and social rooms over roughly 1,900 square meters were therefore essential. The new structure’s integration into the existing building ensemble allows it to function as a visual continuation of the property’s streetscape. The horizontal structuring and use of a modern, cubic architectural language in the rearward section of the facility reflects the various functional areas of the building. Two bridges connect the new facility to the existing buildings and also provide a functional connection between plants II through IV.

Harald Haigis, Geschäftsführer bei SCHÖLLY, dem international führenden Anbieter von 3D-Endoskopietechnik

Harald Haigis, Managing Director of SCHÖLLY, the world’s leading provider of 3D endoscopy technology

“Our goal with the construction of plant IV, and the conversion of plants II and III, was to optimize and streamline operations throughout the entire company. We also wanted to improve the efficiency of logistics and production. Thanks to the Vollack team, the project was a commendable success. Even the costs were kept manageable on account of the effective budget control. We would gladly work with Vollack again.”