Meeting islands and think tanks.

The new Thermokon headquarters in Mittenaar-Offenbach is a bright complex of buildings with an attractive exterior that makes use of high-quality materials. On this inside, a modern working environment with an open office design, special meeting spaces, and think tanks that offer employees opportunities to exchange ideas and provide spaces for contemplation.

The office wing and production buildings are white, while the connecting wing between production and management features anthracite-colored sheer walls and large-scale glazing. There are also plenty of options for spending time outdoors: a wraparound terrace on the office building’s upper level, a rooftop terrace, and a green inner courtyard with wood paneling nestled between management and production and directly accessible from the cafeteria.


Harald Zygan, Managing Director of Thermokon, the sensor technology specialist for building automation, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

“The intense analysis that went into the planning phases definitely benefited us — with the help of Vollack’s strategic methodology, we were able to identify opportunities we were completely unaware of.”