Berlin gets a new landmark.

Enjoy a view of the International Garden Exhibition IGA grounds in Berlin from 25 meters up – from the spectacular view platform Wolkenhain. Design planning, production, and assembly by Vollack Hallen- und Stahlbau have yielded a polygon-shaped space framework whose posts are connected with 170 steel nodes. The space partition is a translucent membrane.

Formally speaking, the viewing platform is reminiscent of a cloud that appears to be floating over the Kienberg in Marzahn-Hellersdorf.. At night when it’s lit up, the building hosts a unique play of color. The platform can be accessed via a set of stairs and a barrier-free elevator. The Wolkenhain ensemble includes visitor service with a panorama cafe. It will also be remaining as a permanent part of the Kienberg park after the garden exhibition. Based on a design by Kolb Ripke Architekten, the project was initiated by Grün Berlin GmbH.

Ole Hartmann, project manager of Grün Berlin GmbH for the IGA 2017

“The Wolkenhain is a true example of artistic engineering. Constructing a building without any corners or repetitions was a big challenge.”