Wunderlichs Backstuben

The art of baking – enjoying with all the senses.

Having outgrown its location of many years in Markneukirchen managing director Roman Wunderlich of the family-owned and operated Wunderlichs Backstuben decided it was time for a new home on highway B92 in Oelsnitz. The company’s promising new facility features a 1,800-square-meter bakery and a 750-square-meter building housing a warehouse, bakery shop, and cafe. The cafe offers a relaxing environment and delectable baked goods for breakfast and light lunches. The new facility is also widely visible and conveniently located for commuters.

But Wunderlich’s plans for the new location don’t stop at production and sales – he also wants to offer training services and create a local hotspot for the next generation of bakers.

Roman Wunderlich, Geschäftsführer Wunderlichs Backstuben

Roman Wunderlich, Managing Director of Wunderlichs Backstuben, the Vogtland-based traditional bakery

“The new facility is the biggest step we’ve taken since my grandfather Siegfried founded the bakery back in 1942. We were – and continue to be – with Vollack in best hands.”