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Art + Culture.

Culture demonstrates the creative power that sustains societies. Art and culture reflect social exchange, they point beyond everyday events. For Vollack, engaging with art in various forms of expression is an important part of corporate culture.

Art exhibitions in FORUM 1.
The principle of transformation.

Art enriches the working world and invites dialog. It inspires and stimulates reflection. New and unknown things are revealed. Perspectives change. We are convinced that creativity is the motor for change, further development and renewal. We promote this force with an exhibition concept that is dedicated to the principle of transformation.

Enno-Ilka Uhde:
Exhibition "Not pictures, but messages" at FORUM 1.

Enno-Ilka Uhde celebrates image and text. The "artist of the designed moment" tells a story in every work. Expressive, concise, dramatic and sensitive, he creates impressions of a special kind. Words, quotations and texts play a special role in his art. Their interaction with pictorial impressions is surprising, sometimes deliberately irritating. But a closer look reveals a deep connection, the artist illuminates the narrative.

"Labeling of a world space 2"
Acrylic on canvas
200 x 200 cm

The art and media theorist Peter Weibel, former director of the Center for Art and Media ZKM in Karlsruhe, described Uhde's works as "mnemonic devices of memory". His pictures are always particularly expressive: a concise line on a white sheet of paper - "like this and no other", as he likes to say, or the 180-metre-long artwork consisting of 301 picture steles, as in "300 Years of Karlsruhe - Back to Bambi" and a 26-part text picture work "Werdet Brüder" (Become Brothers) for the 25th anniversary of German reunification. History is always depicted in the socio-political, contemporary and eco-social soundscape of an era in an unmistakable way. He very often "stages" nature in a variety of forms. It becomes the protagonist or, as it were, lends support to the plot as an environment.

Nature and culture, people in spaces and their interaction are also a central motif in Vollack's attitude and performance. Nature and culture enliven the working world as sources of inspiration. Their combination opens up new dimensions. It is the declared aim of our company to bring this to bear in a sustainable way.

Karlsruhe Multiple:
Doing good together.

The Karlsruhe Multiple continued for the fifth year in 2024. The art project initiated by Vollack is a collaboration with Karlsruhe Zoo. With the project, Vollack aims to build a bridge between nature and culture for the benefit of species conservation and at the same time provide creative impetus for the city and its citizens.

The Karlsruhe Multiple 2024: Reticulated giraffe "Sabana".

The concept is to artistically depict an endangered species each year. A large sculpture is created, which is donated to Karlsruhe Zoo, and a limited series of 100 small works of art, the multiples, from the sale of which a donation is made to the Artenschutzstiftung Zoo Karlsruhe. This year's figure of a reticulated giraffe, created by artist Irmela Maier and presented to the public at the art fair art KARLSRUHE, once again captured people's hearts. The entire edition was already sold out during the fair. 100 euros from every copy sold will go to the Species Protection Foundation.

With its long neck and unique fur pattern, the giraffe is probably one of Africa's most impressive inhabitants. There are four species and seven subspecies of the world's tallest land mammal. They are all endangered, but the reticulated giraffes in particular are acutely threatened with extinction. The main reasons for this are illegal hunting and the loss of their natural habitat. That is why this year's Karlsruhe Multiple is drawing attention to the situation of the animals and at the same time actively supporting species conservation. "Sabana" - the name takes up the origin of the name of their habitat: The Caribbean-Spanish term for savannah.

Discover also the respective Karlsruhe Multiple of the past years.

2022: Hippopotamus "Blue"
After the 2021 project had to be paused due to the pandemic, Hippopotamus "Blue" was realized in 2022. Artist Irmela Maier designed a ceramic in iridescent turquoise blue. The hippopotamus appears to rise out of the water. Artist Irmela Maier depicted the animal in a particularly naturalistic way and at the same time played with the motif of the Egyptian hippopotamus, which symbolized power and strength in turquoise glaze as a burial object. How times change: Today, animals need our protection.

2020: Humboldt Penguin "Change!"

Environmental destruction and climate change are endangering more and more animal and plant species. Among them is the Humboldt penguin, native to the Pacific coast of South America. The sculpture by artist Klaus Gutowski in 2020 vividly showed the change in the habitat of this water bird. Due to overfishing of the oceans and the mining of guano, which is vital for the animals, it is in danger. The appeal character became the title of the sculpture: "Change!". It awaits the zoo visitors in the direct vicinity of the animal conspecifics.

2019: The Red Panda
"Cat Bear"


The Karlsruhe Multiple 2019 was called "Cat Bear" and drew attention to the highly endangered species of the red panda or cat bear, which zoologist Frederic Cuvier called the "most beautiful mammal on earth." Artist Daniel Wagenblast created the figure, which showed the animal on a preserving hand. The large sculpture was handed over to the zoo in April 2019 to find its place near the enclosure of the red pandas living in Karlsruhe.

2018: Kick-off with
"I am an elephant"

Vollack celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018 and initiated the Karlsruhe Multiple art project. The initiative was put into practice together with the zoo and the Majolika Manufaktur as an active contribution to species conservation. "I am an elephant" - was the title of the resulting ceramic sculpture, which was presented to the public for the first time at the art KARLSRUHE 2018 art fair. Artist Anna Dorothea Klug had created the figure. Since then, the figure has stood not far from the pachyderm enclosure at the zoo. Within 24 hours, all 100 multiples had been sold. An inspiring and encouraging start!

Andreas Helmling
in FORUM 1.
Permanent exhibition

Sculpture "Working together

Artist Andreas Helmling, closely associated with Vollack for decades, has passed away. We mourn the loss of a creative personality who accompanied our company with his art for many years. Joint sculpture projects, such as the "Ettlinger Tor" in Karlsruhe at the Südtangente, the work "Zusammen wirken" in front of the FORUM 1 or the "opening sculptures", which are loved by our customers and us and decorate numerous buildings, bear witness to his work and our friendship.

With his art, Helmling sought a relationship with people. "Art is created in dialogue," he was convinced. He had been working with Vollack since the nineties. The sculptures at the company's FORUM 1 headquarters and in the surrounding outdoor area have become part of the Vollack world.

For example, the large sculpture "Working Together" in front of the building welcomes employees and guests. It is at the same time a symbol of the company's attitude to cooperation and of the Vollack values: Imaginative. Respectful. Strong in implementation. Reliable.

An impressive sculptural work in bright blue - a gift from Vollack to the fan-shaped city - also enlivens the southern tangent as Karlsruhe's main traffic artery. "What unites Vollack and me is the idea that our work goes beyond mere basic utility," Helmling explained.

Sculpture Ettlinger Tor

Andreas Helmling's sculpture "Ettlinger Tor", weighing 80 tons and impressive in its size and dimensions, was created on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Baden Revolution. Its creation was initiated by Vollack, realized with 40 partner companies and handed over to the city in 1998. Shining in light at night, it is a landmark for the fan-shaped city and an effective reminder of one of its historic city gates.

You are an artist yourself and interested in a contact? Would you like to learn more about our art projects? Contact and more information:



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