ATP Graphics

Built for the future.

In just eight months, Vollack realized a state-of-the-art adhesive production facility in Mihla for ATP Graphics. The new production and storage building, built on the banks of the Werra river, is accompanied by a single-story presentation, office, and communal area. At the technical heart of the new facility is a 70-meter-long coating plant. The use of white exposed concrete lends the structure a bright and spacious appearance.

Green roofs make up 75 percent of the facility’s roof surface, an area totaling roughly 10,000 square meters. A 500-square-meter artificial pond provides employees and visitors with an opportunity to linger and enjoy the view. The new building accommodates 60 additional workplaces.

Dr. Jan Müller, Managing Director of ATP Graphics, the world’s leading specialist in customized adhesive tape solutions

“Our close relationship with Vollack was a real advantage during construction; you could tell that everyone was personally on board and committed to the project the whole way through.”