KLS Martin

Almost hovering.

The 6,500 square meter production building for electrical and laser surgical devices of KLS Martin in Freiburg is truly eye-catching. The finish with a high-quality metal facade provides excellent views in and out thanks to the glazing at the ends of the building bridging the various floors. The administrative building, which looks like it is hovering, points towards the airport. The intersection of the building structures provides an attractive break area with an impressive planted wall. It forms the link between the production facilities and the offices serving as the central meeting point – suitably prestigious for customers.

Thanks to the use of geothermal heat and concrete core activation, the energy efficient building exceeds the applicable EnEV Energy Saving Ordonance by 20 percent.


Michael Martin, Managing Director at KLS Martin, the medium-sized family-run company globally successful in the field of medical technology

„Starting with the NULL® phase workshop and right through to construction work acceptance, it was a successful, professional project. We are very satisfied with the result and will continue to work with Vollack in the future.“