Sales boost included.

The RAJA Group, Europe’s No. 1 in packaging wholesale trade, services 500,000 customers from its locations in 15 European countries. With the realization of the new headquarters in Ettlingen for the group’s subsidiary RAJAPACK, the company is set for further expansion in the local market. The new facility’s 2,200 square meters were designed with the future in mind in more than one way. The idyllic property’s existing tree population was preserved to the greatest extent possible through careful planning, and environmental heat extracted from groundwater is used to heat and cool the building. As a result, the new head office manages to stay 20 percent below current German ENEV regulations.

Harald Schönfed, General Director of RAJAPACK, Europe’s No. 1 in packaging

“RAJAPACK is pursuing a sustainable development strategy. Our new headquarters, constructed with the aid of Vollack, is a reflection of this aspiration.”