TZW: DVGW Water Technology Center

Water technology meets architecture.

With five levels and a total area of 2,500 square meters, the new TZW Water Campus is located right next to the existing building. The expansion of the company headquarters offers a modern and open working environment in an innovative building for those working in technology development and molecular biology in particular. Functional areas for technical labs and experiment rooms as well as offices and side rooms are reflected architecturally in the layout as well as the exterior design. Various materials and a changing structure serve as physical manifestations of the various functions on the facade as well.

Dr. Josef Klinger, CEO at TZW: DVGW Water Technology Center, which is dedicated to investigating the technical and scientific issues surrounding water. Photo: diplom designer – fotografie anne-sophie stolz

“With the architectural addition to the TZW Water Campus, we are laying the foundation for driving future development of innovative technologies in water treatment.”